Ausstellung Leipzig 2023 Malerei Margarita Montgomery. Veranstaltung in Alte Handelsschule Leipzig

SOLO | “still[A]live” | Kunstraum Ars Avanti
Leipzig | 3.3. – 12.3.23

>>>> FINISSAGE: Saturday 11. March from 16:00! <<<<
Margarita Montgomery approaches the materiality of objects down to their visual essence. Her pictorial compositions are created by wall and table installations, in the midst of which she fixes the objects in floating positions with the help of wires and wooden strips. The gravity-defying object suspension evokes an impression of subtle movement that challenges the paradigm of the conventional immobile “still(er)” life. The visual essence of the objects depicted is set in an abstracted environment. Ultimately, the images are small worlds in which the protagonists (teapots, pumpkins, curtains) follow their own surreal laws of nature. In the new series ‘still[a]live’ she also works the human body in as an element. She observes how the body objectifies itself and how it relates to ordinary still life objects. Thus, new questions arise: Does the human being become an object in art? Is every representational painting a kind of still life? Where does the still life as a genre end?

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